Welcome to vatman, the ultimate VAT resource, a comprehensive online VAT management template for clients (or for businesses to complete their own VAT Returns).
vatman is a cloud based system which allows the completion and storage of complex VAT calculations for a range of special VAT schemes, including the Flat Rate Scheme, Apportionment Scheme 1, Standard Method Partial Exemption (with Business/Non-Business Apportionment capacity) and the Capital Goods Scheme, as well as normal VAT accounting.
There are two versions: vatman pro, for professional firms to manage a range of VAT clients, at £100.00 plus VAT for an annual subscription (with a limit of 5 users and 100 profiles, although additional subscriptions and profiles can be purchased, please ask for a specific quotation if there are additional requirements); and vatman basic, for clients who want to do their own VAT Returns, at £50.00 plus VAT for an annual subscription (with a limit of 2 users and 5 profiles).
x-vat can deal with any type of VAT issue, either directly or through our specialist x-vat network, including registration and deregistration, assessments and penalties, liability queries and international VAT through to the special VAT schemes, Partial Exemption, Capital Goods Scheme, Option to Tax or land and property.
Martin Kaney has over 30 years’ experience in VAT, including with HM Customs & Excise and various professional firms. He is a member of the VAT Practitioners Group and a Council Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group.
vatman basic
Target: individuals and small companies
Max number of users: 2
Max number of profiles: 5
vatman pro
Target: large companies and accountants
Max number of users: 5
Max number of profiles: 100
For further information please email Martin Kaney on mkaney@x-vat.com or call on 0131-306-0075.